Our Precept: Learning is Business

Solerni is a digital learning agency specialized in designing, deploying and monitoring innovative digital learning services (Mooc, Cooc and Spoc, among others).

Continuous skills development and training, a new growth lever for your company

Faced with the dizzying pace of change affecting all lines of business, “life-long” learning is becoming an increasing critical issue for company teams.

Solerni backs you implementing customized devices, on a one-off or ongoing basis, which enable you to reach out to a wide or more specialized target audience among your teams. All this with a measurable increase in efficiency, a controlled budget and, ultimately, at a cost per participant far below that of traditional learning methods.

Boost the value of your company and promote your offer by reaching out to your key general public target groups

Free yourself from the constraints of traditional media advertising and offer a new means of diffusing your learning communications, while adding significant value to your offer and/or company. You can do so through a fun and interactive experience: with Solerni, embark on the exciting new adventure of  “brand learning”. Create a Mooc around a topic aligned to your company or your offer…and gain in terms of brand acceptance and preference!

Design, implementation, deployment and follow-up: a complete offer

Our learning and marketing teams will accompany you in the dynamics of co-creation, focusing on your needs, and always placing the learner on center stage.

We provide the statistical tools (learning analytics) enabling you to measure the performance of your devices, and offer legal consulting services in employee training rights.

Solerni is based on LMS solerni.org, a highly flexible technical solution that can be fully adapted to your needs.

Solerni, by Orange

Orange is one of the world’s foremost telecom operators, with a turnover of 40 billion euros in 2015 and 154,000 employees as of 30 September 2016, of which 95,000 are based in France. Present in 29 countries, the company served 256 million customers worldwide in 30 September 2016, of which 194 million were mobile and 18 million fixed broadband clients. Orange is also one of the global leaders in telecom services for multinational corporations under the brand name Orange Business Services.

Solerni: Orange’s official corporate platform for digital learning devices (MOOCs, COOCs and others)

Soldering is part of Orange’s initiative to encourage social innovation. The goal of the project is to:

  • Promote the diffusion of technologies, knowledge and culture to the general public
  • Facilitate skills development for Orange business client teams.

Solerni has already deployed its services and discussed its views and strategy with Orange, as well as with other major companies (BPCE and Altran, among others), public structures (France’s Ministry of Education, Council of Europe, Réunion des Musées Nationaux and of the Grand Palais of the Champs-Élysées, in Paris), as well as to employers’ (MEDEF) and trade union (CFDT) organizations. Solerni’s main aim is to provide support to all types of structures - from small and medium-sized companies to multinational corporations - in their digital transformation processes.




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